IV-Trofeu Kendo UPC

flag-cat   spa-flagThe IV Trofeu de Kendo UPC has arrived!


Date: 14th of December, 2013

Venue: Poliesportiu UPC, C/ Jordi Girona 1, 08034 Barcelona

Price: 20€ (includes open, seminar and lunch)

Like every year, there will be an individual Open in Kyu and Dan modality.

After the competition, we will have lunch at the same venue. During the afternoon we will have a seminar led by Ryo Hiruma (6th dan).

For further information you can download the PDF with the details.



You need to send one registration form per club. The form needs to contain all the club members willing to register. The total amount needs to be calculated and written in the registration form. You may also write any special requirements your club members need (like special lunch diets).

Please, send the registration form together with the payment receipt to kendoupc@gmail.com. You will find details about the payment in the registration form.


You can now check the draws for the KYU and DAN competition.

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