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10:00 am VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC
VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC
Dec 22 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC | Barcelona | Catalunya | España
The 8th UPC kendo trophy is coming! The event will take place next December 22nd and will have the usual shape of open mixed competition, with Kyu/Dan divisions. Also, as every year, after the competition we will make a mid day pause for lunch and...


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Club de Kendo UPC is born in 2005, with the purpose of promoting kendo as a university sport. It’s the first and up to this day, only university Kendo club in Barcelona.

In order to get a wider visibility and integration in the UPC community, the club is integrated in  UPCEsports entity, formerly known as Univers.

This allows the club to benefit from UPC’s sports facilities for our regular training sessions, as well as events and seminars.

Besides the will to promote kendo as a university sport, any person is allowed to join Club de Kendo UPC, independently of being related to UPC community in any way, given that the main purpose is improving and spreading the knowledge of kendo to the general public.