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10:00 am VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC
VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC
Dec 22 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018 @ Polideportivo UPC | Barcelona | Catalunya | España
The 8th UPC kendo trophy is coming! The event will take place next December 22nd and will have the usual shape of open mixed competition, with Kyu/Dan divisions. Also, as every year, after the competition we will make a mid day pause for lunch and...


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Kachinuki UPC 2018

Kachinuki UPC 2018

Last saturday june 30th we had our traditional Kachinuki UPC.

The kachinuki was very well organized and we had a perfect time planning. We were 14 participants and performed combats with a 4 minute time limit.

Congratulations to all the UPC kenshis that took part, especially to Carlos Crespo and Mariano Artés, who performed greatly and lasted 4 combats each.

For those who are not familiar with it, a kachinuki is a type of competition that consists in ordering all the participants by degree. The first combat is held between the two lowest graded kenshis, the winner remains to face the next higher degree in line, an so on until he/she is defeated or wins over all the participants. In the event of a tie, both kenshis are eliminated and 2 new enter the shiaijo. The competition winner is the one who wins more matches.

See you in 2019 edition!




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