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Kachinuki 2019

Kachinuki 2019

We are in summer and we all know what it means: KAchnuki UPC is here! Maybe you don’t know what a kachinuki is, so here it goes:

Kachinuki is a competition mode where all the competitors are ordered by degree-antoquity and are faced in consecutive matches (best of 3 points), ordered from lower to higher grade. This means, kachinuki starts with a combat between the two kendoka of lower grade, who wins stays in to face the following in higher grade. In case of a tie, both competitors leave and the next 2 enter to fight each other. In the case of beating the competitor with the highest grade in line, the winner starts facing the oponents in reverse order (from higher to lower grades) until he/she loses, ties or beats all the competitors in line. When this happens, kachinuki is over.

The winner of the kachinuki will be the one with most number of wins, regardless of his/her grade, so anyone can win this competition.

We also have a competiton mode for those beginners who don’t wear bogu yet: They will perform kirikaeshi in couples and three referees will decide by hantei who performed better.

Below, some pictures of past UPC kachinuki

Hope to see you all competng or training!

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