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VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018

VIII Trofeu kendo UPC 2018

The 8th UPC kendo trophy is coming!

The event will take place next December 22nd and will have the usual shape of open mixed competition, with Kyu/Dan divisions.

Also, as every year, after the competition we will make a mid day pause for lunch and later in the afternoon we will have a seminar. This year’s seminar will be directed by Hironori Sato (5th dan) with the collaboration of Ryo Hiruma (7th dan), Manel Alonso (6th dan), Oscar Serrano (5th dan) and other instructors.

The cost for the event, including competition, seminar and lunch will be € 25 per person.


10:30 Competitors identification and shinai check

11:00 Opening ceremony

11:05 Individual competition: mixed open for KYU competitors

12:10 Individual competition: mixed open for DAN competitors

13:20 Awards and closing ceremonies


15:30 – 18:30 Technical training for attendees and competitors

You can sign up for the event clicking the following link:


See you next December 22nd kendokas!

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