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Do I have to be UPC student or member to join the club?

No, in Club de kendo UPC everybody is welcome. You don’t need to belong to UPC in any way to train with us. Nevertheless, if you are a UPC member you will have a smaller fee.

Is there a minimum age to join the club?

Yes, the minimum age is 16 years (inclusive).

Is it necessary to have practiced kendo before?

No! Our training is open to 100% novices. It’s not necessary to have practiced kendo or any other martial art before.

But I have practiced kendo before...can I join training freely any time?

Yes, you can. If you have a base of kendo training, you can join us any moment in the year without any problem.

Do I have to buy any gear before starting training?

You don’t need to buy anything. If you haven’t practiced kendo before, in your first classes you only have to bring sport training clothes. We have spare shinais and bokkens for you to use. If you keep on training for more than a four month period, you will eventually start wearing bogu (armour). We also have spare bogus  that beginners can use freely.